Space & Kraut Rock

Space & Kraut Rock
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Vibravoid - Mushroom Mantras (Ltd Col.) New

Vibravoid - Mushroom Mantras (Ltd Col.)

“...What Vibravoid already indicated with songs like 'The Tascam Mantra' or 'Three Minutes For A Fr..


The Spacelords - Water Planet (Ltd Col.) New Out Of Stock

The Spacelords - Water Planet (Ltd Col.)

"...There’s songcraft at work here, however little it might have to do with traditional verse chorus..


Zone Six - S/T

"...On offer is a wild mixture of psychedelic rock, electronica and dub, so it's no wonder that thos..


Earthling Society - Ascent To Godhead (Ltd Col.)

“…The soaring work here, in some ways reminiscent of that which he performed on ‘Zen Bastard’; and c..


落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW ‎– 霧海 - Wu-Hai (Ltd)

“Shapeless Beast” starts from the lo-fi drone sound. A door of certain consciousness seems open in t..


Miminokoto - Otomejima No Otome (Ltd Col.)

"...Any self respecting Japanese underground fan should be ready for some killer cuts here. For the ..


Carlton Melton - Hidden Lights (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Carlton Melton - Hidden Lights (Ltd Col.)

"...A present, hurdy gurdy-esque synth drone moves along amongst phased passages and reversed tape l..


Lød - Folder (Ltd Col.)

"The eight-minute "Folder" finds a nook between Joy Division and NEU!, Søren Gade howling over a fr..


Earthling Society - England Have My Bones (Ltd Col.)

“…Essentially the music is heavy space rock played with a Commune sensibility; by which I mean the n..


Pyramidal - From Other Spheres / Sabbra Arabia (Ltd Col.)

"From Other Spheres" (EP) was recorded on the same sessions of "Jams From the Sun" and contains thre..


The Space Spectrum - Drone Jams Vol I (Ltd Col.)

"...The rawness of the LP is refreshing and the control is admirable; where other bands would be tem..


The Space Spectrum - Drone Jams Vol II (Ltd Col.)

" get dragged into it's hypnagogic clutches but only when you listen does the power shine thro..


Electric Moon ‎- Stardust Rituals (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Electric Moon ‎- Stardust Rituals (Ltd Col.)

"The oldest tune „Stardust (The Picture)“ was already recorded in 2014 and was released as instrumen..


Lamp Of The Universe - Hidden Knowledge (Ltd)

"..When Williamson‘s voice first arrives, it does so atop a dreamscape of keys and far-back percussi..


Zayk - Durch Den Äther (Ltd)

Track ListDurch den Äther by ZAYK A1 Kurt     A2 Juno     B1 Keetra     B2 Muskat..


Soft Power - In A Brown Study Out Of Stock

Soft Power - In A Brown Study

"...This complex style of music is kept up with ‘All In All’, which can also be filed firmly under t..


Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator (Ltd Col.)

"After the successful forerunner «Shipwrecked» (2016), which was built mostly on electronic instrume..


Superfjord / Sendelica - Zappa (Ltd Col. 7")

"Basically we just took the original anthem into a more of an acid-rock ballpark and added a new C-p..


Kris Gietkowski - Songs From The First Album By Egg (Ltd. Col.)

"...A fully instumental album full of jazz-prog organ fugues, proto math-rock and quasi-classical pa..


Hibushibire - Freak Out Orgasm! (Ltd Col.)

"... If you like extremely wild and wacky guitar music, you’ll likely find Hibushibire to be a band ..