Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk

Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk
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Forever Pavot - Rhapsode

"...And while fans of recent baroque pop revivalists like Jacco Gardner and Violet Swells will sett..


Jake Bugg - Shangri La

"...On Bugg's second album, Rick Rubin oversees an expanding sonic palette and a tougher sound; the ..


Astral Son - Silver Moon (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Astral Son - Silver Moon (Ltd Col.)

"For first rate present-day psychedelia we need to look no further than Groningen, the home to Leona..


Truls Morck - S/T Out Of Stock

Truls Morck - S/T

"The self-titled debut album from former Graveyard guitarist/current Graveyard bassist (did you get ..


Pridjevi - S/T -13% Out Of Stock

Pridjevi - S/T

"Pridjevi is the recording project of Dino Santaleza, with vocalists Ivana Picek & Nina Romic; a tri..

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Ultimate Painting - Green Lanes (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Ultimate Painting - Green Lanes (Ltd Col.)

"After releasing an excellent self-titled album in 2014, the duo of James Hoare (of Veronica Falls)..


Death and Vanilla - California Owls (Ltd Col.)

Track ListA1 California Owls     A2 Follow The Light     B1 Erté     B2 Reality From Dream..


Gap Dream - Shine Your Light

"“Everybody in this whole wide world has gone straight-up insane,” Gabe Fulvimar sings about three-q..


Moa Bones - Spun (LP+CD) Out Of Stock

Moa Bones - Spun (LP+CD)

"Summery sonic vibes, harmoniously floating melodic ease and ludic electronic waves - Moa Bones' dre..


Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs Out Of Stock

Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs

"There are relentless artists and then there’s John Dwyer, who is most famously known as the frontma..


Jacqueline Taieb - The Swinging Mademoiselle Out Of Stock

Jacqueline Taieb - The Swinging Mademoiselle

"Tunisian-born French singer Jacqueline Taïeb took influences from London and north Africa to flavou..


J Fernandez - Many Levels Of Laughter (Ltd Col.)

"If I were to describe the level of laughter that J Fernandez’s new album generates, I’d put it in t..


The Smoking Trees - TST Out Of Stock

The Smoking Trees - TST

"...Listening to the record is like being wrapped up in a long, loving hug by two guys who know the..


Ryley Walker - Primrose Green

"Guitarist Ryley Walker follows All Kinds of You, his 2014 debut full-length, by delving deeper into..


The Cave Children - Quasiland

"Two years have passed since their creation. Two years full of recordings and live performances and ..


Velvet Morning - Gorilla (Ltd Col.)

"Velvet Morning is the project of 20 year old Samuel Jones accompanied my band members Charlie Carmi..


Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love (Ltd Col.)

"...While his latest album is obviously rooted in Nielson’s present, it still brims with the same in..


David-Ivar Herman Dune-Demented Abduction:Novascotia Runs For Gold (Ltd)

"Taking a short brake from the busy Herman Dune schedule, David has crafted his second solo album. T..


Kurt Vile & The Violators - It's A Big World Out There (& I Am Scared) Out Of Stock

Kurt Vile & The Violators - It's A Big World Out There (& I Am Scared)

"There are a lot of artists working the indie folk/rock beat—even some very good ones—who would kill..


Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

"Philly-based singer/songwriter Kurt Vile lit up the indie rock radar in 2009 with his cynical, lo-f..


White Sails - S/T (Ltd Col. 7")

"White Sails are the San Francisco based trio of Leigh Gregory and Finnish brothers Ville and Jaakko..


Balduin - All In A Dream (Ltd Col) Out Of Stock

Balduin - All In A Dream (Ltd Col)

"Let us now meet Balduin, Switzerland's supremely gifted solo artist / multi-instrumental playing,  ..


Sugar Candy Mountain - Mystic Hits Out Of Stock

Sugar Candy Mountain - Mystic Hits

"Yup, a band that goes by the name Sugar Candy Mountain is just as odd and trippy as you’d expect. B..


Jacco Gardner - Hypnophobia

"It’s tempting to categorize Jacco Gardner by the scope of his musical instruments. Hypnophobia feat..


Thelightshines - Now The Sandman Sings (Ltd Col.)

"A beautiful collage of sounds, often blending passages of neo-Indian classical music with walls of ..