Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk

Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk
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Cobra Lamps - The Cobra Lamps EP (Col. 12")

“..."Can't Uncorrupt" is a future rock blast of fuzz garage and is a primal track. "Little Drones" i..


Klaus Johann Grobe - Spagat Der Liebe (Col.)

"...“Spagat der Liebe” finds the band continuing to challenge listener’s expectations, eschewing ove..


The Smoking Trees - The Archer and The Bull Out Of Stock

The Smoking Trees - The Archer and The Bull

"...The Archer and the Bull could not have found a better home than on California’s own DIY centric ..


Blackberries - Greenwich Mean Time (2xLP)

"...A record full of atmosphere and depth with hymns to bands of the mid-60s, German kraut-rock and..


Royal Sitars - Eloise / Distant And Vague (Ltd 7")

The anonymous, masked, groovin', sitar slingin' combo from Downunder (Australia) pays tribute to two..


The Hanging Stars - Over The Silvery Lake (Ltd) Out Of Stock

The Hanging Stars - Over The Silvery Lake (Ltd)

"In late-Sixties California, the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers combined traditional country..


The Seventh Ring Of Saturn - Mountains Of The Moon (Ltd Col. 7")

Track List A Mountains Of The Moon     B All The World Is Love ..


Lake Ruth - Actual Entity Out Of Stock

Lake Ruth - Actual Entity

"...It’s the collaborative nature that makes Lake Ruth special, however. Schulz is a powerful drumme..


Ghost Wave - Radio Norfolk

"...New Zealand’s Ghost Wave return with their sophomore album Radio Norfolk. Following on from 2013..


Bonny Billy - More Revery

"...More Revery, originally released as a super-limited-edition tour-only EP in Temporary Residence'..


Atomic Swing - A Car Crash In The Blue (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Atomic Swing - A Car Crash In The Blue (Ltd)

"...this may the best Swedish debut album of all time, but what is it that makes it so good? Well, f..


Ultimate Painting, Woods - Into The Darkness/Know Your Minute (Ltd 7") Out Of Stock

Ultimate Painting, Woods - Into The Darkness/Know Your Minute (Ltd 7")

"...Woods and Ultimate Painting are teaming up for a tour that launches this week, and to commemorat..


Hashish - A Product Of Hashish

”Hashish sound like the lovechild between a 70s soft porn soundtrack composer and a wide-eyed teen e..


Serpent Power - S/T (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Serpent Power - S/T (Ltd)

"Somewhere along the line, Skelly decided to set aside his promising solo career to join forces with..


Death And Vanilla - From Above (Ltd Col. 7")

Fire Records reissue the two-track ‘From Above’ on blue vinylTrack List (Stream in full here)From Ab..


Death And Vanilla - EP (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Death And Vanilla - EP (Ltd Col.)

"...The supernatural is an important factor for Death And Vanilla as aesthetic source material and ..


Death and Vanilla - S/T (Ltd Col.)

"...Like on their debut EP, the duo take that basic approach and make it even wispier and more dream..


The Liminanas - Garden of Love (Ltd 7" RSD 2016)

Track List A Garden Of Love (feat. Peter Hook)   B Maria's Theme..


Heron Oblivion - S/T Out Of Stock

Heron Oblivion - S/T

"...Three shades of light run through Heron Oblivion: Baird's rich, beautiful vocal approach, the lo..


Firefay & Alison O'Donnell - Anointed Queen (Ltd)

"...Indeed the musical backing on this album needs special mention; it’s both hugely creative and de..


Kevin Morby - Singing Saw (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Kevin Morby - Singing Saw (Ltd Col.)

"...He's the rock-solid center of all the songs, whether they are fully arranged or sparsely decorat..


Ashley Shadow - S/T Out Of Stock

Ashley Shadow - S/T

"...Ashley Shadow is Ashley Webber, a longtime contributor to Vancover’s music scene. Besides playin..


Zen Mantra - S/T Out Of Stock

Zen Mantra - S/T

"...With much of the album’ s inspiration coming from German 1960s/70s psych acts and UK acts like F..


TOY - Join The Dots (2xLP)

"...The emphasis on TOY's prettier side on songs like "Left to Wander" and "Frozen Atmosphere" means..


Kevin Morby - Harlem River Out Of Stock

Kevin Morby - Harlem River

"...Harlem River marks the solo debut of songwriter Kevin Morby. Known for his work as the singer/gu..