Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk

Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk
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Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 (Ltd Col.)

"...As the album makes its way to a not-so-defined destination, it grows more serious and on an opti..


Sir Plastic Crimewave - Feathered Serpents

"...Recorded over the span of over 15 years, a folk, atmospheric, cosmic vibe prevails, as aforement..


Bigfoot - S/T (Ltd Col.)

"...After 10 years of hard work with the great Israeli psychedelic band "TREE" - including 2 Albums,..


Constantine - Day Of Light (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Constantine - Day Of Light (Ltd)

"...With the release of "Day of Light", Constantine Hastalis has offered up an impressive counter ar..


Echo Train - Memento Mori Out Of Stock

Echo Train - Memento Mori

"The Greek band "Echo Train" on their first full length album managed to gather many sounds of the ..


Spirits Burning & Daevid Allen - The Roadmap In Your Heart (Ltd 7" RSD 2017)

Daevid Allen contributed to 13 albums by Spirits Burning. This single celebrates the memory of that ..


Okey Dokey - Love you, mean it (Ltd Col.)

"Fronted by visual artist Aaron Martin and The Weeks' guitarist Johny Fisher, these two former band ..


Edgar Jones - The Song Of Day And Night

"It's a good-time romp of an album, full of wonderfully light and breezy tunes and plenty of Jones' ..


VA - Les Blousons Noirs - L'Histoire Du Rock Français

Track List1. Est-Ce Que Tu Le Sais ? - Les Chats Sauvages2. Vingtième Étage - El Toro & Les Cyclones..


Sundowners - Cut The Master

"Produced by the Coral’s frontman James Skelly in James Skelly’s studio and released by James Skelly..


She Drew The Gun - Memories Of Another Future

"Memories Of The Future simmers and bubbles away with deathly moody pluckings, stern bass lines, cri..


Bert Jansch - From The Outside (Ltd Col.)

"...The album showcases Jansch’s undoubted guitar picking skills, of course, as well as some nifty b..


Temples - Volcano

"...To some extent, you could make the same criticism of ‘Volcano’, whose 12 songs similarly abound ..


Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato

"Tuttle’s guitar picking and soloing echoes the greats of decades prior, Harrison, Thompson, Clarenc..


Shugo Tokumaru - Night Piece (Ltd Col.)

"...Night Piece is at its best when Tokumaru allows the album to find personality and appeal in what..


Halasan Bazar - Burns Out Of Stock

Halasan Bazar - Burns

"...Recorded in the French mountains, armed with a magical unending bag of weed, Halasan Bazar laid ..


Pond - The Weather

"...The Weather actually does derail—several times, in fact—but nothing can obscure its soaring mome..


John Andrews & The Yawns - Bad Posture (Ltd)

"Known to some as drummer for Quilt and keyboardist for Woods, the also singer/songwriter John Andre..


Father John Misty - Fear Fun

"...A droll riposte to those who think post-millennial folk music is po-faced, check out the urban ..


Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato (Ltd Col.)

"Tuttle’s guitar picking and soloing echoes the greats of decades prior, Harrison, Thompson, Clarenc..


The Sonic Dawn - Into The Long Night (Ltd)

"...Equal parts swagger and perfect poise, they sway between rockier songs like ‘Six Seven’ and more..


Sandy Denny - I've Always Kept A Unicorn - The Acoustic Sandy Denny (2xLP)

"...The Acoustic Sandy Denny is a compilation that will be welcomed by anyone who’s ever thought, to..


The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Space & Time: A Compendium Of... (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Space & Time: A Compendium Of... (Ltd Col.)

"...A collection of all The OAM's 45 singles, sundry compilation tracks, five unreleased freak-outs,..


Honey Ltd. - The Complete LHI Recordings Out Of Stock

Honey Ltd. - The Complete LHI Recordings

"...The Complete LHI Recordings brings together all of Detroit girl group Honey Ltd.'s recordings fo..


Hekla - Hekla (Ltd)

"...The extraordinary debut-album from Berlin-based act Hekla truly is a multi-faceted set that blen..