Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk

Psych-Pop, Neo-Folk
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Lords Of Thyme - Pellets

"...For fans of folk or psychedelic music, Pellets, should be at the top of your ‘to listen to’ list..


The Coral - Holy Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (Ltd Ep 12")

"...This EP will coincide with an exhibition on Distance Inbetween which is to run from December 8th..


The Dandelion - S/T (Ltd 12″ Ep) Out Of Stock

The Dandelion - S/T (Ltd 12″ Ep)

"...“I Turned on as You Turned Around” starts off this limited EP. It is a pleasant, simple, mid-tem..


Palace Fever - Sing About Love, Lunatics & Spaceships

"As far as the music by this German four-piece is concerned, we hear catchy melodies that draw on co..


Damaged Bug - Bunker Funk (Ltd Col. 2xLP)

"There is a great pop feeling throughout though as the bouncy ‘The Cryptologist’ descends into a bar..


The Coral - Singles Collection (3xLP)

"...Liverpool’s The Coral, having been championed by Pete Best (original Beatles drummer), Noel Gall..


The Coral - Roots & Echoes (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

The Coral - Roots & Echoes (Ltd Col.)

"But the pay-off is that they’ve sealed off some of their haywire inspiration. Perhaps they’re happi..


Art Feynman - Blast Off Through The Wicker

"... Count “Small House Blues” as another in this vein, where lilting drums and delayed keyboard giv..


Billie Marten - Writing Of Blues And Yellows (2xLP)

"...With all of this said, it is not my intention to scare you into thinking this album is heavy-han..


Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature (Ltd Col.)

"...Every facet of Giuliani's songs—from the Beatles-esque strings that color the relationship quand..


Psychic Temple - IV (Ltd Col.)

"‘IV’ doesn’t sound like it was made in 2017, and that’s one of its greatest appeals. The record pro..


Death And Vanilla - Vampyr (Ltd Col. 2xLP Deluxe) Out Of Stock

Death And Vanilla - Vampyr (Ltd Col. 2xLP Deluxe)

"..Psychedelic dreampop group Death and Vanilla, returns with their second release for Kalligrammofo..


The Dandelion - Seeds, Flowers & Magical Powers of The Dandelion (Ltd Col.)

"...After the Dolly Rocker Movement's closure, Daniel Poulter under the name of "The Dandelion" rele..


Quilt - Plaza

"...Plaza is the third album by Quilt; a name implying a meeting place, a crossroads, a coming toge..


The Liminanas - Malamore Out Of Stock

The Liminanas - Malamore

"...There's nothing particularly new on Malamore that you couldn't find on their previous records, ..


TV Girl - French Exit (Ltd Col.)

"...the songs on French Exit tap into a very specific and evocative element of youthful romance. The..


Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Sugar Candy Mountain - 666 (Ltd Col.)

"...As the album makes its way to a not-so-defined destination, it grows more serious and on an opti..


Sir Plastic Crimewave - Feathered Serpents

"...Recorded over the span of over 15 years, a folk, atmospheric, cosmic vibe prevails, as aforement..


Bigfoot - S/T (Ltd Col.)

"...After 10 years of hard work with the great Israeli psychedelic band "TREE" - including 2 Albums,..


Constantine - Day Of Light (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Constantine - Day Of Light (Ltd)

"...With the release of "Day of Light", Constantine Hastalis has offered up an impressive counter ar..


Echo Train - Memento Mori Out Of Stock

Echo Train - Memento Mori

"The Greek band "Echo Train" on their first full length album managed to gather many sounds of the ..


Spirits Burning & Daevid Allen - The Roadmap In Your Heart (Ltd 7" RSD 2017)

Daevid Allen contributed to 13 albums by Spirits Burning. This single celebrates the memory of that ..


Okey Dokey - Love you, mean it (Ltd Col.)

"Fronted by visual artist Aaron Martin and The Weeks' guitarist Johny Fisher, these two former band ..


Edgar Jones - The Song Of Day And Night

"It's a good-time romp of an album, full of wonderfully light and breezy tunes and plenty of Jones' ..


VA - Les Blousons Noirs - L'Histoire Du Rock Français

Track List1. Est-Ce Que Tu Le Sais ? - Les Chats Sauvages2. Vingtième Étage - El Toro & Les Cyclones..