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Katla - Embryo (Ltd Col.)

“...The album is cloaked by a veneer of mystery and desire to experiment with the nine songs that un..


TAU - Tau Tau Tau (Ltd)

"...Featuring collaborations with Knox Chandler of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Earl Harvin of Tinders..


The Early Years - S/T (Ltd Col.)

"...On its release, it received glowing reviews from the likes of NME, Uncut, The Fly (RIP), The Ind..


My Invisible Friend - S/T (Ltd 12")

"..The EP is three tracks of ethereal shoegaze propelled by a motorik kraut-indebted drive - channel..


Magic Shoppe - Wonderland (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Magic Shoppe - Wonderland (Ltd Col.)

"...‘Wonderland’ unfurls its warm & fuzzy tendrils from deep within the grip of a raging sonic maels..


Bonfire Nights - Entopica Phenomica Out Of Stock

Bonfire Nights - Entopica Phenomica

"This London by way of Australia quintet has produced a winner with Entopica Phenomica, their debut ..


Magic Shoppe - Interstellar Car Crash (Ltd Col. 10") Out Of Stock

Magic Shoppe - Interstellar Car Crash (Ltd Col. 10")

"..."City Alight (Yeah)" is a great primer for what to expect here, a psychedelic shuffle with a gre..


Ulrika Spacek - Everything: All The Time (Ltd 7")

"The main track is a real fuzzy peach that is sure to pump your expectations for their next album. A..


The Lucid Dream - Compulsion Songs

“...As psychedelic rock seeps into every genre's pore, its becoming increasingly difficult to separ..


Junkyard Liberty - Chains (Ltd Col.)

"With a politically loaded name which will resonate with many, they were born out of the partnership..


Muertos - EP1 (Ltd Col. 10")

"...‘EP 1’ unfurls its burgeoning sonic tendrils from deep within a reverberating vortex, filled wit..


The Valkarys - Since I Was Fifteen (Ltd Col. 10")

"...Consisting of five tracks and opening with ‘Grandma’, a pacey number with playful dual vocals an..


JuJu - JuJu (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

JuJu - JuJu (Ltd Col.)

“...Many acts propose a 21st century awareness of music history, accepting into their bloodstream di..


Moaning Cities - D. Klein (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Moaning Cities - D. Klein (Ltd)

Track List (Stream in full here)D. Klein by Moaning Cities A1 Expected     A2 Insommia     A3 Born A..


The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Third World Pyramid (Col.) Out Of Stock

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Third World Pyramid (Col.)

Third World Pyramid is the first album that was fully recorded & produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studi..


VA - The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 4 (2xLP Ltd Col.)

"...The highlights of the record include the dark, discordant ‘krautgaze’ of My Invisible Friend, th..


Suns Of Thyme - Cascades (Ltd 2xLP)

"...This ode to freethought is brimming with melancholy and a nonchalant greatness that will comfort..


Celestial Bums - Ascend (Ltd Col.)

“...It ‘a compact album, almost monolithic, with minimal movements of sound change, atmospheres that..


The Early Years - II (Col. 2xLP)

“...Opener ‘Nocturne’ roars out of the blocks like a band who know they need to grab your attention...


Dead Rabbits - Everything Is A Lie (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Dead Rabbits - Everything Is A Lie (Ltd Col.)

“...‘Everything Is a Lie’ could be plucked straight out of 1989, deeply indebted to Spacemen 3, Loop..


The Wands - Faces (10")

“...The six track collection begins with ‘Living The Dream’, a hazy, fuzz-leaden instrumental with a..


Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies (2xLP)

"...Pierce made the album when he was just falling in love with Kate Radley, the band’s keyboardist..


Desert Mountain Tribe - Either That Or The Moon (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Desert Mountain Tribe - Either That Or The Moon (Ltd)

"...While comparisons to The Black Angels can be made with the former, the latter's sombre eloquence..


Comet Control - Center Of The Maze (Col.)

"...Comet Control's 2014 self-titled debut was near perfect. It blended metal, shoegaze, dream pop,..


The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Sun Ship (Ltd Col. 10") Out Of Stock

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Sun Ship (Ltd Col. 10")

"This single is from the forthcoming album “Third World Pyramid” which will be released in October ..