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PINK FLOYD, The Illustrated Biography, Book

Collection of classic, rare and never-before seen photos. Photos are drawn from the massive archiv..


THE CURE, 1977-1987, A Short History - The Lyrics, CD+Book

Contains the discography 1978-1997 and some black and white pictures of The Cure taken from 1980 to ..


NICK CAVE, The Complete Lyrics 1978-2013, Book

Spanning Nick Cave’s entire career, from his writing for The Birthday Party, through highly acclaim..


NICK CAVE, And The Ass Saw The Angel, Book

Cave’s only novel to date takes on the southern gothic in this bizarre baroque tale. Born mute to ..


NICK CAVE, A Little History. Photographs Of Nick Cave And Cohorts 1981-2013, Book

"Bleddyn Butcher has been taking pictures of me and my cohorts since I first got up on stage back in..


LED ZEPPELIN, Hammer Of The Gods, Book

They were legends based on myths of fantasy, power, and black magic. The tales of their tours were t..


KURT COBAIN, The Biography Of / Heavier Than Heaven, Book

The art of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was all about his private life, but written in a code as obscure as..


IGGY POP, Open Up And Bleed The Biography, Book

The first full biography of one of rock 'n' roll's greatest pioneers and legendary wild men "Fellow ..


DAVID BOWIE, Album By Album, Book

David Bowie is a shape-shifting, genre-twisting genius whose 27 albums over 40 years reveal a creati..


ALAN MCGEE, Creation Stories. Riots Raves And Running A Label Out Of Stock

ALAN MCGEE, Creation Stories. Riots Raves And Running A Label

Alan McGee's role in shaping British musical culture over the past thirty years is hard to overstate..