Kommun 2

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Melody Fields - Melody Fields (Ltd) New

Melody Fields - Melody Fields (Ltd)

"...Hailing from Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast and armed with a sound that resonates effortlessl..


Yuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All Infinity (Ltd Splatter) Out Of Stock

Yuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All Infinity (Ltd Splatter)

"Two years later, Yuri Gagarin are back with a sophomore effort, entitled At The Center Of All Infin..


Anders - Sadness Be Gone (Ltd)

Former 'ON TRIAL' drummer Anders third - difficult - album is a tour-de-force of dignified paranoia...


Good Morning - Sister Rain

"...This release features label owner Tobias as well as the members of the Technicolor Poets and fem..


Technicolor Poets - Hadrar (Ltd Col. 100 copies)

"...The sound of the recording is like they are in a big room and it helps to give it a more old sch..


Technicolor Poets - Echoing Green (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Technicolor Poets - Echoing Green (Ltd)

"...The opening track, Ocean of Ideas, really reminds me a lot of local Danish, psych genus, Aron. A..


Flowers Must Die - S/T (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Flowers Must Die - S/T (2xLP)

"... The material on this LP is a mix of old and new material with some recorded as long ago as 2008..


Agusa - Hogtid (Ltd)

"...Love psychedelic guitar textures and vintage styled prog-rock organ freakouts? Of course you do..


Technicolor Poets - All That Is Solid (Ltd Col. 100 copies)

"... Technicolor Poets emits to manage and fill a room through their music with a certain emotion. T..


Tobias - Linsgryta -14%

Tobias - Linsgryta

Tobias is the owner of the Kommun2 label and author of the bible of Swedish progressive rock music ..

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