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The New Original Sonic Sound - S/T

"In tribute to one of the most important bands we’ve ever known. Scott Mccaughey (R.E.M. / Minus 5..


Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Satan's Pilgrims - Creature Feature (Ltd Col.)

"...Every facet of Giuliani's songs—from the Beatles-esque strings that color the relationship quand..


Wipers - Better Off Dead (Ltd 7" RSD 2017) Out Of Stock

Wipers - Better Off Dead (Ltd 7" RSD 2017)

"This is the Wipers first record. You know it’s great. It’s got that unique sound that you’re so spo..


Wipers - Silver Sail (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Wipers - Silver Sail (Ltd)

“...As the LP goes on, Sage switches gears, and reclaims the harder, more vicious ground set by Is ..


Wipers - The Power In One (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Wipers - The Power In One (Ltd)

"..Sage's music has been recognised as legendary by many of the musicians that have helped shape pop..


Beauregarde - Testify (7" RSD 2014)

"The music features psychedelic guitar solos over rockrhythms and soul beats ala Funkadelic. Beaure..


Wipers - Is This Real (Ltd) Out Of Stock

Wipers - Is This Real (Ltd)

"...is This Real was the album that shot the Wipers into their own little popular culture, and is t..


Wipers - Over The Edge Out Of Stock

Wipers - Over The Edge

"...Portland’s Wipers were a massively influential band from the Pacific Northwest punk scene who g..


Wipers - Youth Of America Out Of Stock

Wipers - Youth Of America

"..At his peak, the Wipers' Greg Sage could evoke the grey winter skies and rain soaked streets of t..


Wipers - The Herd Out Of Stock

Wipers - The Herd

"...The impact of the early Wipers records on the musical scene of the 1990’s cannot be overemphasiz..