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Kitchen's Floor - Battle Of Brisbane

"...The new album contains 10 tracks of uncompromisingly nihilistic outsider RnR. Inspired by the in..


Chicos De Nazca - Fire Ride Out Of Stock

Chicos De Nazca - Fire Ride

"The vast and lush landscape of Chilean psych rock has been well-documented over the past few years ..


The Band In Heaven - The Boy Of Summer Of Sam (7") Out Of Stock

The Band In Heaven - The Boy Of Summer Of Sam (7")

"Mastered by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) of Spacemen 3/Spectrum and written to a lilting soundtrack of..


Black Bug - Reflecting The Light (Ltd)

"Reflecting the Light is the sonic equivalent of turbo charged truck stop coffee that has been sitti..


Connections - 5 Imaginary Boys (7")

"Connections keeps the material rolling as this end of the year EP followed three LPs released over ..


England's Glory - City Of Fun (Ltd 7") Out Of Stock

England's Glory - City Of Fun (Ltd 7")

"...we’ve selected the most crushing hit from the “The Legendary Lost Album” and placed it squared o..


Chrome Cranks - ST (Ltd)

"Oddly enough, it's the debut, the first Chrome Cranks album, that rocks the hardest. Where it take..


Buck Biloxi And The Fucks - Streets Of Rage Out Of Stock

Buck Biloxi And The Fucks - Streets Of Rage

"Streets of Rage might be the most punk record you’ve ever owned, or will the record OWN YOU? Either..


Ausmuteants - Mates Rates (7")

"Our buddies from across the ditch, Ausmuteants, have unleashed another potent synth-punk track to j..


Brown Spiders - It's Something To Do/That Was Then, This Is Now (Ltd 7")

"Pretoria, South Africa’s most dangerous arachnids are here to finally burst forth from their egg s..


Southern Comfort - Suzanne (Ltd 7")

"Southern Comfort is Angie and Harriet: two blondes, four fists, one lives in Sydney, the other in M..


Miss Destiny - House of Wax b/w The One (7") Out Of Stock

Miss Destiny - House of Wax b/w The One (7")

"I reckon that if these songs were to be played loud enough to be heard on the moon, then they would..


Cretin Stompers - Looking Forward To Being Attacked

"...With as many studio tricks and alien-like pop moves Cretin Stompers conjure, it will become obv..


The Peoples Temple - Musical Garden Out Of Stock

The Peoples Temple - Musical Garden

"...With Musical Garden, the band shows no signs of slowing down in their increasingly dynamic rang..


Radar Eyes - S/T

"...Radar Eyes encompass a sound that’s familiar, yet revealing, driving neurotic, icy 12-string gui..


Nice Face - Horizon Fires

"...Horizon Fires overall feels a bit more thought-out and detailed than the much more straightforw..


Black Bug - Police Helicopter (7") Out Of Stock

Black Bug - Police Helicopter (7")

"...Opening track "Shard Of Glass" sports a choppy rhythm bed and a massive, guttural synth riff th..


Spider Fever - Whatcha Gonna Do? / Party Girl (7")

"...San Diego’s Spider Fever is a relatively new band featuring Mario Rubalcaba on vocals and guita..


Wax Idols - No Future

"...'Hotel Room' and 'Sand In My Joints' are sub two minute blasts of garage punk to get you pogoin..


Georgiana Starlington - Paper Moon

"...True to form, this release by three-piece outfit Georgia Starlington is a collection of haunting..


Verma - Ragnaraak (7") Out Of Stock

Verma - Ragnaraak (7")

"With an unwavering kraut rock backbone and spidery guitar lines interwoven through their impenetra..


Mil Mascaras - Fuzz (7")

"...The three short tracks here are all-killer, no-filler, but the best of the bunch might be ‘Frenc..


The Liminanas - I'm Dead / Migas 2000 (Green 7") Out Of Stock

The Liminanas - I'm Dead / Migas 2000 (Green 7")

“...This band play some awesome and addicting garage pop. Side A, I'm Dead is a pop song that has a..


The Peoples Temple - More For The Masses

"...More For The Masses still sounds like it was recorded in a garage in the mid-sixties, and that s..


The Liminanas - Crystal Anis Out Of Stock

The Liminanas - Crystal Anis

"...Hailing from Perpignan in the South of France, The Liminanas (Les Liminanas, surely?) are nomin..