Heavy Psych Sounds

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Mothership - High Strangeness (Ltd Col.)

"...With distinct separation between the guitar, bass and drums, as well as some well-placed trades ..


Glitter Wizard - Hollow Earth Tour (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Glitter Wizard - Hollow Earth Tour (Ltd Col.)

"..This band of California rifflords pillage the best of vintage hard rock while keeping their lase..


The Sonic Dawn - Into The Long Night (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

The Sonic Dawn - Into The Long Night (Ltd Col.)

"...Equal parts swagger and perfect poise, they sway between rockier songs like ‘Six Seven’ and more..


Nick Oliveri - N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1 (Ltd Col.)

"Ain’t no question Nick Oliveri‘s gotten around over the years. While he’ll always be known as the l..


Stoned Jesus - Stormy Monday (Ltd Col.)

“...No matter what style they are playing, they put their all into it and come out swinging. The tit..


Banquet - Jupiter Rose (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Banquet - Jupiter Rose (Ltd Col.)

"After a debut single on Who Can You Trust? Records and gigs alongside such regional luminaries as R..


My Home On Trees - How I Reached Home (Ltd Col.)

"For a band just three years out of the starting blocks and on the verge of releasing their second a..


Karma To Burn - S/T EP (Ltd Col.) Out Of Stock

Karma To Burn - S/T EP (Ltd Col.)

"...Evan Devine also from their birthplace Morgantown who played with Ancient Shores stepped in to f..


Black Rainbows - Holy Moon (Ltd Splatter)

"..Black Rainbows return with a new 38-minute release dubbed Holy Moon and it’s their most varied w..


Naam - Kingdom Ep (Ltd Green)

"...There’s a nice variance in tempo on the first song, “Skyling Slip,” as they wend around the song..


Black Rainbows - Supermothafuzzalicious!! (Ltd Splatter) Out Of Stock

Black Rainbows - Supermothafuzzalicious!! (Ltd Splatter)

"...The Italian power trio known as Black Rainbows have come up with a fun batch of heavy stoner ro..


Naam/White Hills/Black Rainbows/The Flying Eyes - Split (Ltd 2xLP)

On May 5, Heavy Psych Sounds will release a four-way split featuring some of heavy psych’s finest ..