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Wovenhand - Star Treatment (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Wovenhand - Star Treatment (2xLP)

“...A manic, messy, exhilarating, exhausting affair, ‘Star Treatment’ is a dramatic boost to a genre..


Hugo Race Fatalists - 24 Hours to Nowhere

“...“24 Hours to Nowhere is perhaps the most personal album I’ve ever written. These songs come dire..


The Walkabouts - Devil's Road (2xLP+2CD)

"...1996: The Walkabouts are standing at the edge of their career. Glitterhouse isn't the distributi..


Wovenhand - Live At Roepaen (2xLP+DVD)

"This live album is not only a must for every fan; it sets the standard for all future audio and vis..


Wovenhand - Black Of The Ink (Book+CD) Out Of Stock

Wovenhand - Black Of The Ink (Book+CD)

"It feels hard to believe that Woven Hand were celebrating their 10th anniversary last year with the..


Hugo Race & The True Spirit - False Idols (Ltd 10"+CD)

"Hugo hails from Melbourne and is a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter...


Wovenhand - Refractory Obdurate (+CD) Out Of Stock

Wovenhand - Refractory Obdurate (+CD)

"I don’t believe in God, but I have complete faith in Wovenhand lead singer and songwriter David Eug..


Penelope Houston - On Market Street

"In light of the reissue of her work with punk outfit the Avengers, to hear the soulful folk-rock of..


Chris Eckman - Harney County

"This album is his attempt to paint a sound portrait of the place, he originally imagined it soundi..


Hugo Race & The True Spirit - The Spirit (LP+CD) Out Of Stock

Hugo Race & The True Spirit - The Spirit (LP+CD)

"Produced by Hugo over a period of three years in his hometown of Melbourne with the same line-up (..


VA-The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project-The Journey Is Long (2xLP)

"What was it about Jeffrey Lee Pierce that forged such strong connections with Australia? Records by..


16 Horsepower - Hoarse (2xLP + CD) Out Of Stock

16 Horsepower - Hoarse (2xLP + CD)

"Recorded in the band's hometown of Denver during 1998's Low Estate tour but not released until 2001..


Wovenhand - The Laughing Stalk (LP+CD) Out Of Stock

Wovenhand - The Laughing Stalk (LP+CD)

"Those who’ve never heard Wovenhand before who come from the heavier end of the spectrum will probab..


Tamikrest - Adagh

"... It has led to a new generation of guitar bands emerging from the nomadic Touareg community, sin..


Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor Out Of Stock

Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor

"...Sixteen Horsepower was an interesting band for the way it drew mostly American folk traditions i..