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September Girls - Age Of Indignation Out Of Stock

September Girls - Age Of Indignation

"...There’s some divergence from the sound of Cursing the Sea, too; the mood is as dark, if not dark..


Mammoth Penguins - Hide And Seek (Col.) Out Of Stock

Mammoth Penguins - Hide And Seek (Col.)

"There’s a strong indie heritage at play with Mammoth Penguins – made up of former members of Standa..


Flowers - Everybody's Dying To Meet You

"Instrumentally, the iridescent indie-pop of Everybody’s Dying To Meet You almost amounts to a more ..


The Butterflies Of Love - The New Patient

"Although over-all perhaps not as spectacular as How To Know, The New Patient would ultimately yiel..


Allo Darlin' - Europe -13%

Allo Darlin' - Europe

"On their second record, Europe, Australian Elizabeth Morris has led her troupe much further afield,..

15.00€ 13.00€

Allo Darlin' - S/T Out Of Stock

Allo Darlin' - S/T

"When we talk about records fit for summer, we mean one that evokes lazy, crazy days of warm sun by ..


Flowers - Until You're Dead (Ltd Col. 7")

"Flowers first release on Fortuna POP!, the EP features three songs recorded entirely at home in Eas..


Joanna Gruesome - Peanut Butter (Ltd Col.)

"On their 2013 debut Weird Sister, Joanna Gruesome rubbed sugar up against sandpaper until both sta..


Evans The Death - Expect Delays (Ltd)

"In all, it's the band's discordant youthful cynicism and Whitaker's distinctive voice – both delic..


Allo Darlin - We Come From The Same Place (Ltd Col.)

"...The 3RD full-length recording from the much loved Anglo-Australian four-piece is made up of sma..


Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy - Astonishing Adventures! (Ltd 7") Out Of Stock

Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy - Astonishing Adventures! (Ltd 7")

"...For the covers, each band has dug deep and skirted the obvious. Joanna Gruesome turn in a drivin..


September Girls - Veneer (12")

"...Veneer' finds the Irish quintet throwing off the ’60s girl group coyness in favour of something ..


Flowers - Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do

"...Flowers’ Rachel Kennedy has one of those whispery, soft, “ethereal” voices that floats above the..


The Proper Ornaments - Wooden Head Out Of Stock

The Proper Ornaments - Wooden Head

"...The band's signature characteristics are all on show on Wooden Head: a laconically sincere lyri..


Chain & The Gang - Minimum Rock N Roll Out Of Stock

Chain & The Gang - Minimum Rock N Roll

"...Minimum Rock N Roll is about concept as much as execution, but the thinking behind it is clever,..


Cocoanut Groove - How To Build A Maze

"..How To Build A Maze is an album about getting lost, be it physically, geographically, mentally, e..


September Girls - Cursing The Sea

"...The debut album by Dublin’s September Girls arrives in the wake of six singles, released inside..


Joanna Gruesome - Weird Sister (Col.)

"...Joanna Gruesome’s debut record is one in which this Cardiff five-piece manage the rare feat of s..


September Girls - Heartbeats (7")

"...September Girls are an all-girl five-piece fuzzpop band from Dublin. 'Heartbeats' is melodic noi..