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60's Garage, Psych, Folk
60's Garage, Psych & Acid-Folk Records
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Jim Sullivan - U.F.O. New

Jim Sullivan - U.F.O.

"...Sullivan released his debut album, U.F.O., in 1969 and played to devoted crowds at a regular gig..


Bobb Trimble - Iron Curtain Innocence New

Bobb Trimble - Iron Curtain Innocence

"...Trimble hailed from Marborough, Mass., and was part of nearby Worcester's late-1970s/early-80s "..


July - July New

July - July

"...July has come to be highly prized, mainly for the presence of "My Clown," which is considered to..


VA - Slip-Disc: Dishoom's Bombay London Grooves

"...1972. Churchgate, Bombay. Late night, low lights. A group of friends is holding court in the bar..


The New Original Sonic Sound - S/T

"In tribute to one of the most important bands we’ve ever known. Scott Mccaughey (R.E.M. / Minus 5..


The Baroques - The Baroques (Ltd Col.)

Track ListA1 Iowa, A Girl's Name A2 Seasons     A3 Mary Jane     A4 Ro..


Ray Harlowe And Gyp Fox - First Rays

Track ListA1 Go Ahead And Dance     A2 Be Away     A3 Earthy Delights ..


The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - The Great Conspiracy

"...by the time of this release the Conspiracy were sonically asserting themselves with a decidedly ..


John's Children - Orgasm

"Legendary albums are often hard pressed to live up to their reputation once a listener actually hea..


The Contents Are - Four Each Other

"...“Had this album been released in 1969/70, it would be worth thousands of dollars today. Without ..


Anne Briggs - The Time Has Come (Ltd Col.)

"...The remainder, though, has real strength. The title track – already covered by Pentangle among ..


The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One (Col.) Out Of Stock

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One (Col.)

"...It was still plenty weird, almost to the point of stylistic schizophrenia, but when you got dow..


Roky Erickson - All That May Do My Rhyme

"It's the kind of roots rock that may well please the more open-minded fans of, for instance, John F..


Sam Gopal - Escalator (Ltd RSD 2017+Bonus 7") Out Of Stock

Sam Gopal - Escalator (Ltd RSD 2017+Bonus 7")

"...Probably the most notable thing about Sam Gopal‘s Escalator when it was released in 1969 was tha..


The Freeborne - Peak Impressions

"...The record sounds like it was steeped in many listening sessions to the most popular psychedeli..


VA - Psyche France 1960-1970 Volume 3 (Ltd RSD 2017)

"Including 12 tracks, this third volume of the Psyche France collection is a new tribute to the mav..


The Koobas - Live In Germany (Ltd 7" RSD 2017) Out Of Stock

The Koobas - Live In Germany (Ltd 7" RSD 2017)

"Brian Epstein signed the Koobas to a Nems contract in 1964 and managed to get them a role in the fi..


The Sloths - Makin' Love / You Mean Everything To Me (Ltd 7" RSD 2017)

"A reissue of one of the most positively deadly garage obscurities of the mid-'60s, straight from th..


VA - Girls In The Garage Volume 10 - Groovy Gallic Gals! (Ltd Col. RSD 2017)

"Over a quarter of a century ago, these "Groovy Gallic Girls" came to global attention and subsequen..


VA - Girls In The Garage Volume 9 - Oriental Special (Ltd Col. RSD 2017)

"The "oriental special" volume of the Girls in the Garage series has '60s girl-sung guitar rock rari..


The Mops - Psychedelic Sounds In Japan

“...This collection was recorded in '68 and also contains covers of songs by The Doors, Jefferson Ai..


The Kitchen Cinq - When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-68 (2xLP)

"...Picking up steam locally in the mid-‘60s, the members started to think about cracking it on a bi..


The Firebirds - Light My Fire

"...The title track of the Firebirds album is an instrumental version of the hit song by the Doors, ..


The Higher State - From 'Round Here

“...Marty Ratcliffe of the never forgotten Mystreated from England, is back on the track. The Higher..