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Tindersticks - The Waiting Room (Ltd LP+DVD) Out Of Stock

Tindersticks - The Waiting Room (Ltd LP+DVD)

"Though it’s as moody as any latter-day Tindersticks release, new album The Waiting Room finds the b..


CocoRosie - Tales Of A Grasswidow

"Positioned in some artistic continuum that has celebrated kindred characters like Cindy Sherman, Bj..


Tindersticks - Ypres Out Of Stock

Tindersticks - Ypres

"...since despite a long history of instrumentals, often ramshackle or dreamily cinematic, Ypres pre..


Get Well Soon - Henry-The Infinite Desire Of Heinrich Zeppelin... (Ltd 10")

"...the second EP, cuts it all lose in terms of ethereal songwriting. Titles like Promenading Largo ..


Get Well Soon - The Lufthansa Heist (Ltd 10")

"...The Lufthansa Heist, the first of the three EPs to arrive, is described by Gropper himself as h..


Get Well Soon - Greatest Hits
 (Ltd 10")

"...Greatest Hits is a collection of exactly that: six evergreens of pop history reinterpreted by GE..


Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War (2xLP)

"...As always, Stars are most interested in the ever-present challenges of the heart. The band noted..


Tindersticks - San Sebastian 2012

"...Tindersticks have offered fans numerous live albums, both on tour and as standalone releases. Th..


EMA - The Future's Void (Ltd Col.) -17%

EMA - The Future's Void (Ltd Col.)

"...The Future's Void begins with 'Satellites'. After a disparate opening duel between a white nois..

18.00€ 15.00€

Calexico - The Black Light

"..Deeper and richer than their debut, Spoke, Calexico's second album expands upon the sun-baked, c..


Lambchop - Mr. M (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Lambchop - Mr. M (2xLP)

"...In so many words, it sounds deliberately washed up, purposefully out of date rather than retro. ..


Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (2xLP)

"...Speaking of the Seventies, the musicians have clearly been digging out their parents' vintage vi..


Calexico - Carried to Dust Out Of Stock

Calexico - Carried to Dust

"...The thoughtful, whispery pop Calexico dove into on Garden Ruin also gets its due here; unlike t..


The Notwist - Neon Golden Out Of Stock

The Notwist - Neon Golden

"...The Notwist do not force their music on you, foghorning it in your face. Nor do they diffidently..


Calexico - Algiers Out Of Stock

Calexico - Algiers

"Algiers is one of Calexico’s best albums, certainly its finest since 2003’s Feast of Wire. It augme..


Get Well Soon - Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon Out Of Stock

Get Well Soon - Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon

"..Gropper produces much of Rest Now, Weary Head! too, an achievement that cant go overlooked. His w..


Get Well Soon - The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads (2xLP) Out Of Stock

Get Well Soon - The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads (2xLP)

This is a grandiose record, dripping with melancholy sentiment, bluster, and a little bit of prepost..