Om - Variations On A Theme

Om - Variations On A Theme
Om - Variations On A Theme Om - Variations On A Theme
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Holy Mountain (77525LP)
Special Attributes: Released on clear, purple and black vinyl
Release Date: 2005
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“One really doesn't have to be stoned to listen to this album because if you listen to this album long enough, you will feel like you are stoned. And that is what makes Om excellent, that if you focus on the music long enough, it will take you on a self-exploring trip into oblivion.." (

"..OM is a two-men outfit. A minimalist rhythm section line-up including Al Cisneros on bass and vocals and old fellow Chris Haikus on drums. We were proved, with bands such as Lightning Bolt, that bass and drums were more than enough to create a high musical density. And with that same density, but a totally different content (we're far away from the experimental punk-noise of LB), OM slowly but surely develops its sonic repetitive 70's-like psalmodies without ever failing. Opening track "On the Mountain at Dawn" is not less than a 21 minutes stoner litany that precisely reminisces about "Dragonaut", the leading cut out of Sleep's Holy Mountain. By the way, the entire album is a coherent invitation to a lazy but serious meditation that no pot-smoker would repudiate for sure. The straight recitation of Cisneros mantras - which was already featured in early Sleep and reached its climax on Jerusalem/Dopesmoker (dare I say that "Proceeds The Weedian, Nazareth!" is almost a cult sentence for some few fanatics?) - levitates above an instrumental section with a high motive force, resulting from the osmosis between obstinate (indeed obsessed), heavy, fuzzy bass riffs and untiring groovy drums hammering. OM's music is a quasi-reactionary act, but they obviously can't be blamed for that, as the 70's musical codes are here so greatly revisited and serve an idea of music that becomes a unique brand (MONOLITH)

Track List

A On The Mountain At Dawn    

B1 Kapila's Theme    
B2 Annapurna 

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