White Manna - ‎Dune Worship

White Manna - ‎Dune Worship
White Manna - ‎Dune Worship
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Holy Mountain (1994LP)
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Release Date: 10/2013
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“...Whereas the self-titled debut set its cosmic exploration apart with an MC5 / Stooges signature, Dune Worship revels more squarely in retro-futurist warp-driven riffs. And though it wallows in the indulgence of early 80s hard-rock, as well as sci-fi, it’s also an album never afraid to roll out the righteous shred when required..." (

"..The record begins with a 6min track called Transformation. It is a melodic mid paced grooving track with some spacey synths floating through the soundscape as the laid back spaced out vocal glides along and the lead guitar slowly finds its place in this really space sound production. X Ray slows things down with a more hypnotic feeling and dreamy tranced out vocal. Wooden shjips fans will like this one. Sadly, they fade this one out as it really starts to pick up pace. I would love to have heard where that one ended??  Illusion of Illusion starts slow and spacey and this trip lasts for 10 minutes with some super cool guitar work and it ends with a slow drone synth outro to give you a soft landing. Wow.. Ascension comes back with some monster space riffs and sounds in this slow instrumental piece that lasts about 4mins. Next up is I’m Comin Home (a Deviants song by Mick Farren from their first record). Something tells me that Mick would have approved of this space version of his classic. Solar Returns is the last 10min trip on the record and really spaced out. I have to say this will end up being one of my favourite records this year. Amazing stuff....."  (Read more: http://writingaboutmusic.blogspot)

Track List

A1 Transformation        
A2 X Ray        
A3 Illusion Of Illusion        

B1 Ascension        
B2 I'm Coming Home        
B3 Solar Returns  

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