Mugstar - Axis

Mugstar - Axis
Mugstar - Axis
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Agitated Records (AGIT019)
Special Attributes: Gatefold Cover, download, postcard & 4 art prints
Release Date: 2013
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"...A masterclass in both psychedelic rock and psychogeography. One of the few records I’ve heard recently that serves perfectly as both background music and on focused listening." (

"...Axis is the kind of album which deserves to be heard by more than just Mugstar's devoted fanbase and obscure vinyl collectors. It's an album to wholeheartedly embrace. Like Mogwai's finest LPs, Axis is a record for your head, your heart and your imagination. Where the strengths of their Lime LP were a commitment to lengthy repetition, making the album a cohesive and all-consuming journey, Axis sees the band at their most eclectic, playful and ambitious. A fantastic album." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Black Fountain    
A2 Hollow Ox        
A3 Tangerina        
A4 In Earth        

B1 Axis Modulator    
B2 Upturnsidedown    
B3 Vehicles Of Spain 

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