Ike Reiko - You, Baby (Kokotsu No Sekai)

Ike Reiko - You, Baby (Kokotsu No Sekai)
Ike Reiko - You, Baby (Kokotsu No Sekai) Ike Reiko - You, Baby (Kokotsu No Sekai)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Bamboo (BAMLP 7005)
Special Attributes: 180g Vinyl
Release Date: 2012
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" unprecedented maelstrom of eroticism and sexual depravity. Ike’s vocals breathe with an astonishing naturalness, dripping honeyed and golden-tongued into the ears with angelic ease” mutant sounds." (mutant-sounds.blogspot)

"Although Ike Reiko was a mere 17 years of age when she recorded Kokotsu no Sekai, she was already a star in the world of Japanese erotic movies. Despite the tough-gal image, the music is pretty darn life-affirming, so don't think for a second you're getting an easy listening album here - this is about as sexual as music can get. Throw 'French Kiss' out of the window and kiss goodbye to your Serge Gainsbourg records goodbye, Ike Reiko is more sizzling than a branding iron as it makes it's mark on the farmer's herd. The sex is literally dripping from every note on this record - I'm told that the style is 'Iroke Kayôkyoku' or erotic kayôkyoku (kayôkyoku being a style of Japanese pop) but the sort of naïve jazz and pseudo spy theme movie music is all draped in a shroud of sexual shouts, screams and coos from the clearly excited Reiko..."

Track List

A1 女はそれをがまんできない        
A2 よこはま たそがれ        
A3 めまい        
A4 雨がやんだら        
A5 夜明けのスキャット        
A6 さすらいのギター        

B1 私という女        
B2 雨の日のブルース        
B3 恋の奴隷        
B4 経験        
B5 天使になれない        
B6 愛のきずな 

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