Nebula - Heavy Psych

Nebula - Heavy Psych
Nebula - Heavy Psych
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Tee Pee (TPE901021)
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Release Date: 2009
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"...Sometimes there is nothing that I want more than some tripped out psychedelic stone jam that I can spoon out of the speakers and fill my head with. That flavor is getting harder to find, but Nebula has a rock and roll pantry full of it...." (

"...Nebula may generally have their minds on higher things, group consciousness spinning unchecked across the universe, but occasionally even the best of us will find our thoughts turning to love. If you’ve heard Aphrodite then you’ll appreciate that I use the word love as a pitifully inadequate euphemism for sick, filthy, pornographic sex. This comes drenched in all manner of unidentified gloopy goo-the grinding riffage isn’t subtle but intentions are made crystal clear.
Things take a turn for the completely bizarre with the impenetrable Dream Submarine which sounds like nothing if not Love era Cult as played by a Czech military band. The album then lags a little with some sub Sleepy Sun psychedelic rock but comes roaring back with Crown of Thorns and companion piece Lead Sky which are cranium crunching Sabbath like grooves which demand to be played at arsequaking volume. This is what we’ve come to expect from Nebula and they deliver with a greater degree of reliability than my paperboy. We’ve now reached the apex of the album and it is downhill all the way now, although I must draw your attention to the frankly insane closing track Running of the Bulls which combines white noise and psychotic samples to generate total speaker meltdown. .You wanted heavy psych and they delivered, you can’t say fairer than that..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Pulse        
A2 The Dagger        
A3 Aphrodite        
A4 Dream Submarine        
A5 In The Depths        

B1 The Other Side        
B2 Crown Of Thorns        
B3 Lead Sky        
B4 Little Yellow Pill        
B5 Running Of The Bulls

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