Sister Crayon - Bellow

Sister Crayon - Bellow
Sister Crayon - Bellow
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Manimal (MANI024LP)
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Release Date: 2011
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"The superb voice this lady has blends beautifully and articulately with the patient electronics and scaling melodies that this album contains and the steady, soulful rhythms prove to be equally as important towards each track’s success" (

"The California sun really does something to your brain. The nearly half-century-old history of musicians in Laurel Canyon mixing folk, rock and psych has a deep resonance in today's West Coast singers, and Sacramento-based four-piece Sister Crayon are next in that long line of California succession. The band takes cues from all sorts of California folkies, from 1970s singer Judee Sill to contemporary atmospheric moaners CocoRosie, a band that never managed to rise above their critics to become, when they showed the most promise, a dreamier Grizzly Bear. What Sister Crayon aim to create is a sort of West Coast response to Beach House, a music as mired in soft atmospheric ambiance as it is in emotional yearning. (Read more:
"...Her vocals are reminiscent of a fair few parallels – previous press reports have referenced Bat for Lashes and Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval (we’ll add Florence to the mix, when she’s not annoyingly shrill, and My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden) – but there’s also something new at work, a singular zeal, emotion that doesn’t come bottled ready to be poured into a recording whenever the producer deems it necessary. She sounds like a star before she’s even flickered into a rhythm, her every sigh the sort of heart-squeezing exhalation that should draw a thousand admirers smashing onto her ruby red lips..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 I'm Still The Same Person        
A2 Here We Never Die        
A3 And Glass...        
A4 (in) Reverse        
A5 Every Third Hour        

B1 Anti-Psalm        
B2 Thief-Boxer, Asleep        
B3 Stem        
B4 Ixchel, The Lady Rainbow
B5 Souls of Gold

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