Lumiere Brother - 21

Lumiere Brother - 21
Lumiere Brother - 21 Lumiere Brother - 21
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (INN076L)
Special Attributes: Includes the Cd of the Album & digital album with an extra bonus track.
Release Date: 03/2013
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"The 11 tracks of “Twenty One” masterfully combine modern pop freshness and spontaneity with melodic nostalgia of the 60s. Cinematic romanticism, melancholy introspective ballads and, mostly, up-tempo pop melodies, that stick to mind immediately" (

"...The basic inspiration of “Twenty One” revolves around themes like the feverish hunt for the unfulfilled dream, the experience of the oddest obsession, the “thirst” for something distant yet exhaustively influential and perhaps ultimately the seeking of our lost, unrealistically innocent and emotional self. The number 21 has a double meaning here. On the one hand the myth that 21 grams is the weight of the soul and on the other hand the Lucky 21 game. The human dilemma between seeking a higher psychic world and the purely materialistic side of life..." (Read More:

Track List (Listen in Full here)

01 A Sign On Your Back
02 Beauty and the List
03 Behind You
04 Compass
05 Between the Lines
06 Memory Fight

07 Home
08 Twenty One
09 You and Your Golden Clock
10 Somewhere In Berlin
11 White Walls
12 Who Will Guide You? (Bonus track for the included cd)

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