Rachel Portman - Chocolat - O.S.T (Ltd Col.)

Rachel Portman - Chocolat - O.S.T (Ltd Col.)
Rachel Portman - Chocolat - O.S.T (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Music On Vinyl (MOVATM027)
Special Attributes: Single Lp on 180 gram on Chocolate Brown vinyl
Release Date: 07/2016
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"...Throughout Chocolat, Portman's rich and airy melodies float sweetly across the screen,..." (

"...The music does not so much capture as create the whimsical and mysterious atmosphere of the film, blending breezy French orchestral allusions with otherworldly Andean flutes and rambling gypsy guitars in an effective sonic representation of the cultural clash between Juliette Binoche's South American mystic, Johnny Depp's Irish river rat, and the conservative French town that brings them together. Depp's fans will undoubtedly be delighted by his impressive fretwork on the Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington gypsy guitar pieces that begin and end the soundtrack album. But Portman's is the film's most impressive performance. She proves to be the perfect composer to help Hallström project the tale's subversive feminine energies...."(

Track List

1 Minor Swing     
2 Main Titles     
3 The Story Of Grandmere     
4 Vianne Sets Up Shop     
5 Three Woman     
6 Vianne Confronts The Comte     
7 Other Possibilites     
8 Guillaume's Confession     
9 Passage Of Time     
10 Boycott Immorality     
11 Party Preparations     
12 Chocolate Sauce     
13 Fire     
14 Vianne Gazes At The River     
15 Mayan Bowl Breaks     
16 Taste Of Chocolate     
17 Ashes To The Wind / Roux Returns     
18 Caravan         

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