Piero Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra

Piero Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra
Piero Piccioni - Fumo Di Londra
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Label (Code): Bella Casa (CASA16LP)
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Release Date: 2015
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"...Like Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow Up” and Desmond Davis’ “Smashing Time”, “Fumo di Londra” – with its Edwardiana and Royal Parks and River Thames settings – will forever celebrate the mythology of Swinging London..." (

Much of the film’s considerable allure derives from the enchanting soundtrack of Piero Piccioni. This masterful composer collaborated many times with Sordi, writing themes that were to became Albertone’s career trademarks; “Marcia di Esculapio” from the movie “Il Medico della Mutua” and “Rugido Do Leao” from “Finché cé guerra, ce speranza”  (which was used later for a series called “TV Storia di un Italiano”) (

Track List

A1 You Never Told Me (Main Title)    
A2 Mr. Dante Fontana    
A3 If Dreams Come True    
A4 Richmond Bridge    
A5 Magic Castle    
A6 Tango Walk    
A7 Richmond Bridge (choir)    
A8 Babylon I'm Comin'    

B1 Drag Beat    
B2 This Is Life    
B3 Palace Parade March    
B4 Ascot Dream    
B5 You Never Told Me    

Bonus Tracks: Film Versions In Mono
B6 This Is Life (film version)    
B7 Babylon I'm Comin' (film version)    
B8 Drag Beat (alternate version)    
B9 Mr. Dante Fontana (film version take 3)    
B10 This Is Life (film version # 2)    
B11 Babylon I'm Comin' (film version # 2)

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