Nouvelle Vague - I Could Be Happy

Nouvelle Vague - I Could Be Happy
Nouvelle Vague - I Could Be Happy
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Kwaidan Records (KW070), !K7
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Release Date: 11/2016
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"...Marc Collin, Olivier Libaux, and company stretch their sound to include dream pop and punk covers as well as new wave, and, for the first time, perform original material..." (

"Nouvelle Vague are back, aiming to reignite their cover version stance, and that is exactly what the 2016 release ‘I Could Be Happy’ does. With four original tracks on the record, though, the band is still keen to show you where the Nouvelle magic comes from...Nouvelle Vague have created an album telling tales weaving in and out of the beautifully spoken French word and the English. Regardless of whether you understand what is being sung, easy on the ear and quirky sounds are enough to entice any listener" (
Track List (Stream in full here)

A1 Athol - Brose     
A2 Love Comes In Spurts     
A3 I Wanna Be Sedated     
A4 I Could Be Happy     
A5 All Cats Are Grey     

B6 No One Is Receiving     
B7 Maladroit     
B8 Algo Familiar     
B9 Loneliness     
B10 La Pluie Et Le Beau Temps

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