Drog_A_Tek - Too Late To Care (2xLP)

Drog_A_Tek - Too Late To Care (2xLP)
Drog_A_Tek - Too Late To Care (2xLP)
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Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (Inn042l)
Special Attributes: Gatefold Cover
Release Date: 2011
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"..Day by day, more and more people join the troops serving a common cause of decay, to the extent that this is able to operate by itself. While recorded moments will be lost/worn forever, this doesn’t mean that things can get better. “Too Late To Care” is a black album" (

“Too Late To Care” contains recordings made in Athens from 2005 to 2011 and is characterized by the vibrancy, improvisation and electricism of each moment that drog_A_tek’s live performances are made of. Its sounds are sometimes dark, underground and hypnotic, other times loud and aggressive and the few verses, with or without meaning, often function as a mantra. “Too Late To Care” is the soundtrack of the anonymous feelings of hopelessness, rejection, failure. A brief narrative of resignation from life. A product of deep and persistent sadness that puts the soul under constant pressure, it leads the listening in a world of rubble and ruins of everything beautiful. The recordings of the album are an open and unfinished book, waiting to be filled with fresh notes of loneliness and rotten memories that make you sink into pain." (

Track List

A1 Avalance         
A2 Action          
A3 Endmbient         
A4 I Like     
A5 Aput Aspell On You Beauty

B1 Dala Hooda     
B2 Silent Friction         
B3 Vasotro Und Militen     
B4 Deck Three Cut & Paste

C1 Deep One     
C2 Deck One     
C3 I Touch     
C4 Melodio     
C5 I Can't Hold On Love     
C6 Bridge One & Delete

D1 Seagulls Over Callas     
D2 Bridge Two     
D3 Hula Hoop     
D4 When You've Done It All     
D5 God Damn World     
D6 Transition One    

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