Uubbuurruu / El Napoleon - Swamp Ritual

Uubbuurruu / El Napoleon - Swamp Ritual
Uubbuurruu / El Napoleon - Swamp Ritual
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Merlins Nose (MN 1012)
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Release Date: 12/2015
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"Fans of BABY WOODROSE, SPIDS NÖGENHAT, early MONSTER MAGNET and oldies like THE SEEDS, THE THIRD BARDO will enjoy this release big time..." (

"A beautiful split album by two Montreal / Canada based acts with a close connection as it seems and a common love for psychedelic sounds and space rock despite their different turns on the same thing. It is no miracle that you find UUBBUURRUU front man Joey Napoleon being in both acts. While UUBBUURRUU have chosen a rather laid back and melodic pop psyche route just with slightly more edgy guitars he kicks off into a fuzzed out acid punk inferno with EL NAPOLEON..." (Read more: Merlins Nose Records)
Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Cosmic Cannibalism
A2 Laying In An Angel's Corpse
A3 Dear God
A4 I Don't Mind
A5 Radio Waves

B1 Acid Lizard
B2 Blue Sun
B3 Bury My Axe
B4 My Hands
B5 Today
B6 Wild Birds
B7 All The Things

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