Mechanimal - Secret Science

Mechanimal - Secret Science
Mechanimal - Secret Science
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (INN098L)
Special Attributes: Includes the Cd of the album
Release Date: 10/2014
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"Ten drone 'n' roll stories from those you do not hear in the news, but rather discover in the streets of a city that stays awake by the sounds of sirens" (

"As a dynamic ensemble with vocalist Freddie Faulkenberry, Kostas Matiatos on electric guitars and Angelica Vrettou on the visuals, Mechanimal’s “Secret Science" speaks of the need for survival and recounts tales of a restless urban environment. Each track, as a lyric theatrical one-act, opens new avenues to the sonic palette of the band, where narrative aphorisms, analogue synthesizers, underground dub rhythmic passages and angry guitars compose the unique code of their "secret science"" (

Track List

LP-A1     Kindergarten    
LP-A2     Sehnsucht    
LP-A3     Cut Communications    
LP-A4     Secret Science    

LP-B1     We Come Alive    
LP-B2     The Den
LP-B3     Ode To Europe    
LP-B4     Song To The Sirens

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