Hungry Ghost - S/T

Hungry Ghost - S/T
Hungry Ghost - S/T
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Self Released (HG01)
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Release Date: 2012
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"Hungry Ghost extrapolates from a bluesy, guitar-forward template into a gloriously unpredictable din that recalls better times" (Portland Monthly)

"Without the metaphors, Hungry Ghost are a Portland band that show that without the tags or major spotlight on you, you can simply make great music that feels good. The music on their self-titled debut album shows that when it comes to raunchy punk rock, or something with a bit more melody and clever folk and pop touches (as they show in “Get Up”), they can do it quite well. No major statements here, although you may find a few morals and stories throughout. This is just raw rock that you’d find annoying neighbors and a landlord, but it’s also not afraid to show maturity. In other words, regardless of the ages of the members of the band, it sounds youthful because if you have that careless spirit in anything that you do, you shine and shine bright. When it comes time to fit in a mean ass guitar solo, they do it to the point where it’ll make you cry..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Powerman
A2 Epic Sadness
A3 Graham St. Massacre
A4 Get Up

B1 High
B2 Shame
B3 Alice
B4 Wicked Betsy
B5 Know

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