K.bhta - Chrysalida (2xLP)

K.bhta - Chrysalida (2xLP)
K.bhta - Chrysalida (2xLP) K.bhta - Chrysalida (2xLP)
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Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Inner Ear (inn057)
Special Attributes: Heavy weight Double Vinyl, Gatefold Cover
Release Date: 2012
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“Chrysalis” is a child of this age that hundreds of questions like holograms are squeezed on the everyday moments of people. (inner Ear)

“Chrysalis” Κ.ΒΗΤΑ appears to elaborate more deeply all these things existing inside him for years more fragmentarily, making the album deeper and riper. The heroes in the songs are trying to discover the profound truth behind relationships, to catch up with the running life, reversing stereotypes to get what they feel to be the truth, or looking inside themselves to work out the transformation that has occurred “If words do not become action/you will leave another gap in life/ and I still have one minute/ before this sun sets / another wheel to roll …”.
This album will certainly be a surprise to those who associate K.BHTA’s contemporary poetic eye with melancholic, low tempo soundscapes. His true, photographically detailed and, often, cruel lyrics, this time balance masterfully on electronic pop canvases, with ample disco and funk elements, often reminiscent of 70s glam. At the same time, the material of “Chrysalis” is delicate and fragile, like anything newly born that needs truth and love to grow. These are the gifts of this album: love, honesty, maturity, a new beginning. (inner Ear)

Track List

A1 Η Ώρα         
A2 Χρυσαλλίδα          
A3 Η Ωραία Ελένη          

B1 Ανεμόσκαλα          
B2 Βασικό Ένστικτο          
B3 Το Τζιτζίκι          

C1 Είσοδος          
C2 Το Πάρτυ          
C3 Νταίζη          
C4 1 Λεπτό          

D1 Δύση          
D2 Όλες Αυτές Τις Νύχτες          
D3 Η Προσφορά Της Χήρας 

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