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Cave - Threace
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Broadcast - The Future Crayon (2xLP)

Broadcast - The Future Crayon (2xLP)
Broadcast - The Future Crayon (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Warp Records (WARPLP146R)
Special Attributes: 2xLP Vinyl repress includes free download code
Release Date: 03/2015
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"...Collecting most of Broadcast's EP tracks, B-sides, and rarities from The Noise Made by People and Haha Sound eras, Future Crayon is a welcome reminder of how consistently interesting the band's output is..." (

"...Listening through all this is actually a strange experience, even to someone who heard most of these EPs as they first came out. This is a group that's always seemed stylish, even vaguely "experimental"-- and yet they've released albums and compilations (Work and Non-Work chief among them!) that felt far more focused and consistent than that. Here's the first full-length Broadcast product that pulls back the veil and lets us hear big stretches of what it's like when they're trying sounds out, getting abstract, being well and truly difficult-- exactly the sort of stuff other bands this stylish can be a little too quick to call finished and request your money for. It makes you think well of their quality control-- always taking extra time to refine themselves into a fascinating pop band, even when they sound this good without bothering, just having their fun with the "interesting" part..." (Read More:

Track List 

A1 Illumination     
A2 Still Feels Like Tears     
A3 Small Song IV     
A4 Where Youth And Laughter Go     
A5 One Hour Empire     
A6 Distant Call     

B1 Poem Of Dead Song     
B2 Hammer Without A Master     
B3 Locusts     
B4 Chord Simple     

C1 Daves Dream
C3 Test Area     
C4 Unchanging Window / Chord Simple     

D1 A Man For Atlantis     
D2 Minus Two     
D3 Violent Playground     
D4 Belly Dance

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