Kina Grannis ‎- Elements

Kina Grannis ‎- Elements
Kina Grannis ‎- Elements
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): One Haven Music (OHM-00117-1)
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Release Date: 05/2014
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"...Kina Grannis offers a satisfying blend of melodic pop, earthy guitar-strumming folk, honey-twinged vocals and lyrical introspection on her second studio release..." (

"..."Dear River" features a vocal backing track laid down by Grannis that also acts as the album's opening moment; and it's that gorgeous croon that sets the scene for the entire record. It's all an infectiously hopeful ensemble threaded together with elegant cadences and gracefully ingenious arrangements that make for one of the pop-sensible, but also one of the most heartfelt and vibrant indie releases of the year. Just when you think you've got her figured out on Elements, Kina dares to bring in another musical element to throw you for a loop -- all very appropriate given the name of the album. Whereas the overarching feel of the album is very much Bon Iver meets Regina Spektor, things aren't that clear-cut on the overall, and it'd be a shame to call it just that. "My Dear" features a gorgeous backing track with clear EDM influence, including chopped vocals and a deep bass, but it's never without sacrificing the strummy, simply sweet stylings that fans had come to love Kina for over the years. "Throw It Away", on the other hand, is more of a driving roots number featuring low-key, world-wrought vocals that create an engaging juxtaposition between the vocal and instrumental laid unto the track..." (Read more:

Track List

Dear River
The Fire
My Dear
Oh Father
Little Worrier
Throw It Away
Forever Blue
10 Write It In The Sky
11 My Own
12 This Far

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