31Ø8 - S/T (Ltd Col.)

31Ø8 - S/T (Ltd Col.)
31Ø8 - S/T (Ltd Col.)
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Trouble In Mind (TIM068)
Special Attributes: 1st pressing of 250 on 150g, randomly mixed vinyl & includes an mp3 download coupon
Release Date: 04/2014
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"The entirely of 31Ø8 is full of winsome, winning retro-futurist indie pop, made with cotton-candy keyboards and centered on Zypreksa’s earnest tenor.." (

"...The London-based bedroom-producer works alone under the cypher 31Ø8 and it affords him a degree of mystery that, sadly, his rather one-dimensional pop does not. Sure, some of his ragged debut LP is quite fun – tracks like “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” delivering swampy hooks on the same scale as someone like Dead Gaze – but the whole thing lacks depth nevertheless. Zypreska is, to his credit, much more effective when he slows down his synths, album highlight “The Hunger” allowing an early 90s vibe to rub shoulders with a battered post-punk bassline, the mix, in this case, then given a cheap Casio and drum machine sheen..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Shooting Chickens    
A2 Go To Hell    
A3 The Hunger    
A4 Neon Crush    
A5 Silent Running    

B1 Don't Start    
B2 Wildlife    
B3 The Seasons    
B4 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof    
B5 Ease Up

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