The Focus Group - Elektrik Karousel

The Focus Group - Elektrik Karousel
The Focus Group - Elektrik Karousel
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Ghost Box (GBX018)
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Release Date: 05/2013
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"When listening to a Focus Group album, expect to hear organ drones collide with the clatter of typewriter keys, with indecipherable dialogue extracted from impossibly obscure European art films laced over the top..." (

"The Focus Group's clockwork bird melodies and hobbyhorse percussion aren't the usual instruments of psychedelic music, but the spirit of a certain experimental, baroque psychedelia is alive in every one of these nearly 30 tunes. It is this musical tradition, rather than some engineered roster of "hauntological" artists, to which House and frequent collaborators Broadcast truly belong. For House "psych" isn't fuzz and wah; it's an inclination, a turn of phrase, the way the chords fit and don't quite fit..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Make Way
A2 The Elektrik Karousel
A3 Petroleum Paisley
A4 tigt gruffil
A5 The Flourescent Host
A6 Skipping Spook
A7 Kinky Korner Klub
A8 The Kool Kranium
A9 Bachoo
A10 The Heavy Blessing
A11 Chordfl
A12 Hope Hodgsone
A13 Poppingart

B1 Let Them Go
B2 The Magic Pendulum
B3 Flaming Voices
B4 The Church Bellows
B5 Frumious Numinous
B6 The Plastic Castle
B7 Let's Listen
B8 Oh Want Away
B9 Harmonium
B11 Hoojumany
B12 A New Mystery
B13 More Night Films

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