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Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion
Crystal Stilts - In Love With Oblivion

"...Crystal Stilts’ second effort,is just as much post-garage, post-Velvets or post-Spector as they are indebted to the dark wanderings of the late ’70s. Where 2008 debut ‘Alight Of Night’ swooned in on a wave of surf-tinged guitars & a simple, rhythmic swagger, ‘ILWO’ capitalises on the band’s melodic talents & embraces them tenfold" (

 Slumberland   Vinyl (LP)  €16.50 Buy Now 
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Violens - True Violens - True

"...Luckily for fans of the hazy, hooky style of retro-gaze noise pop, Violens have plenty left in the tank on 2012's True. The album is full of songs that take up residence in your head, reaching far beyond the surface and digging in deep..." (

 Slumberland   Vinyl (LP)  €18.00 Buy Now 
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Wax Idols - Discipline & Desire Wax Idols - Discipline & Desire

"Two of the more interesting punk rock records to surface this year come from female-dominated acts drawing heavily from Bauhaus’s taut, aggressive postpunk side and the chilly psychedelia of early Siouxsie and the Banshees: Savages’ Silence Yourself and Wax Idols’ Discipline & Desire..." (

 Slumberland   Vinyl (LP)  €17.50 Buy Now 
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Weekend - Jinx (2xLP) Weekend - Jinx (2xLP)

"Weekend keeps their heroes on their sleeve, yet simultaneously doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve heard before. Notable post-punk forefathers, Joy Division & Deftones amongst them, are nestled somewhere underneath the surface" (

 Slumberland   Vinyl (2xLP)  €23.00 Buy Now 
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