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The Butterflies Of Love - The New Patient  The Butterflies Of Love - The New Patient

"...pleasant pop music in a Go-Betweens/Miracle Legion style, with plenty of jangling guitars buzzing about..." (

 Fortuna Pop   Vinyl (LP)  €11.00 Buy Now 
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The Saints	- Prodigal Son
 The Saints - Prodigal Son   TVT   Vinyl (LP)  €8.00 Buy Now 
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Tom Kazas - Saint Or Fool  Tom Kazas - Saint Or Fool

"...The starting basis is the magic spirit of 60`s, but Tom as a genuine psych-farmer carries also seeds, from both 70`s prog pop crops, and 80`s indie grounds. He transplants them into his own eastern-western soil. Saint or fool, the perfumed gardens he cultivates have an unforgetable fascination..." (

 Hitch-Hyke   Vinyl (LP)  €10.00 Buy Now 
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Traams - Cissa (12")  Traams - Cissa (12")

“..Like all the best indie rock, the songs ooze a lethargic hyperactivity, speeding up and slowing down in unison. It's the sort of music Steve Malkmus might make if he dropped a few bombs of MDMA every once in a while..." (

 FatCat Records   Vinyl (LP)  €15.00 €12.00 Buy Now 
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Trwbador - S/T  Trwbador - S/T

"...Trwbador still feels like a first album which is slightly underproduced in places, but most of all it is the duo’swillingness to be playful in the widest sense that makes them great musicians rather than great Welsh musicians" (

 Great Pop Supplement   Vinyl (LP)  €15.00 €12.00 Buy Now 
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VA - The Harbinger Sound Sampler (2xLP)  VA - The Harbinger Sound Sampler (2xLP)

"The Harbinger Sound Sampler features a selection of new, unreleased or very scarce tracks pulled from the label's diverse roster of artists..."

 Harbinger Sound   Vinyl (LP)  €7.00 Buy Now 
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Viva Vertigo - Viva Viva  Viva Vertigo - Viva Viva

VIVA VERTIGO, the brainchild of singer / songwriter Simon Beck, has put together a strong team of musicians to perform the songs on his debut album. The songs on "Viva Viva" have a timeless quality to them and finds inspiration in a wide range of sounds from the 60's to the present (extracted from

 Bad Afro   Vinyl (LP)  €15.00 €10.00 Buy Now 
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Woman - Woman  Woman - Woman

A musical death trip in between Scientists, Honeymoon Killers, Birthday Party, Pussy Galore, Beasts Of Bourbon, Swans etc…This is their debut album with extreme music for noise and swamp blues lovers.

 Bang!   Vinyl (LP)  €19.50 €12.00 Buy Now 
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