Girls Names - The New Life (Ltd Col.)

Girls Names - The New Life (Ltd Col.)
Girls Names - The New Life (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Tough Love Records (TLV062)
Special Attributes: Ltd grey vinyl edition
Release Date: 02/2013
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“...At times, The New Life feels like a concept. The sound of isolation and despair. Even visually mirrored and depicted by Rob Peart's monochrome sleeve photo. If Cathal Cully's aim was to leave the past behind then he's succeeded resoundingly, and created one of this year's most ungainly beautiful records in the process." (

"...‘The New Life’ charts the band’s expansion from macabre garage rockers to full-blown goth act. Draped in Cully’s spectral baritone, ‘Drawing Lines’ is The Wipers reduced to an ominous shimmer, while ‘A Second Skin’ pits vampiric downstrokes against terror-speeding arpeggios. It’s their death-obsessed garage rock writ panoramic – the sound inching on ‘Hypnotic Regression’ towards the bombast of mid-’80s stadium goth. Crucially, though, they never concede to caricature. That’s because ‘The New Life’ is about real life, laid bare. Austere and mistrusting of dark fairy tales, this is goth with a post-punk soul."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 Portrait        
A2 Pittura Infamante        
A3 Drawing Lines        
A4 Hypnotic Regression        
A5 Occultation        

B1 A Second Skin        
B2 The Olympia        
B3 Notion        
B4 Projektion        
B5 The New Life  

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