Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime And The Glow (Ltd Col.)

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime And The Glow (Ltd Col.)
Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime And The Glow (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sargent House (SH125)
Special Attributes: Limited Edition, Reissue on Black/Grey Swirl vinyl
Release Date: 2014 (2010)
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"...Wolfe balanced The Grime and the Glow's extremes on later releases, but its best moments -- like the honeyed, narcotic "Halfsleeper" -- rank among her most unforgettable songs...." (

“...The Tascam's gritty recording quality adds a distant, timeless quality to these songs, transforming "Cousins of the Antichrist" into a mysterious, ancient folk song with gorgeous harmonies and making the bluesy "Noorus" more ghostly than fiery. A bit like White Chalk-era PJ Harvey in its desolate minimalism, the album's studies in beauty, noise, and terror find raw moments like "Deep Talks" and "The Whys" jutting up against more delicate and considered ones such as the seance-like interlude "Benjamin" and the album opener, "Advice & Vices," where Wolfe's girlish delivery of lyrics like "One thing leads to another/One heart bleeds for another" seems downright innocent compared to what follows...” (Read More:

Track List (Stream in full here)

A1 Advice & Vices     
A2 Cousins Of The Antichrist     
A3 Moses     
A4 Deep Talks     
A5 Fang     
A6 Benjamin     

B1 The Whys     
B2 Noorus     
B3 Halfsleeper     
B4 Bounce House Demons     
B5 Widow

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