Soviet Soviet - Endless

Soviet Soviet - Endless
Soviet Soviet - Endless
Είδος: Vinyl (LP) 
Διαθεσιμότητα: Σε Στοκ
Εταιρία (Κωδικός): Felte (FLT-037LP)
Ειδικά Χαρακτηριστικά: Limited edition of 1000 copies
Ημερομηνία Κυκλοφορίας: 12/2016
Ποσότητα:  Abstraction  Addition

  Στη Λιστα μου

"...Endless faces the darkness head-on and finds the hope in new beginnings...." (

"...Endless is an intense story, one that is marked by purity and which talks of the past. It is an introspective, personal learning experience – a moment of reflection as well as a metamorphosis and a new beginning in life. It’s a tunnel – an experience through which to improve yourself and your surroundings. In many aspects, it’s more complex than their previous work in terms of how the songs are arranged6...." (Read More:

Track List
(Listen the album in full here)

A1 Fairy Tale    
A2 Endless Beauty    
A3 Remember Now    
A4 Going Through    
A5 Star    

B6 Pantomime    
B7 Rainbow    
B8 Surf a Palm    
B9 Blend

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