Merchandise - Totale Night

Merchandise - Totale Night
Merchandise - Totale Night
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Night People (NP180)
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Release Date: 2013
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"..On Totale Nite, they manage to use small-scale elements-- jangling guitars, cheapo drum machines, toy keyboards-- to project the urgency of bands with louder screams and bigger amps..." (

"..This is a record of possibilities. Four of the five songs sprawl out to over six minutes long, not out of indulgence but because there is so much to cram in. This is a band who think nothing of giving over the album’s title track to a stern nine-minute churn that sets growling guitars against dirty squalls of brass. But where ‘Totale Nite’ excels is in its moments of straightforward beauty. ‘Winter’s Dream’, notionally a tale of a young man’s death, is guided by the slow undertow of bass and guitars that chime like steel drums on some distant beach..." (Read More:

Track List (Listen in full here)

A1 Who Are You?    
A2 Anxiety's Door    
A3 I'll Be Gone    

B1 Totale Nite    
B2 Winter's Dream

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