Cosmetics - Olympia ...Plus (Ltd RSD 2014)

Cosmetics - Olympia ...Plus (Ltd RSD 2014)
Cosmetics - Olympia ...Plus (Ltd RSD 2014)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Captured Tracks (CT198)
Special Attributes: Expanded vinyl edition exclusive release for Record Store Day, April 19, 2014
Release Date: 19/04/2014
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"...This must be the secret of Cosmetics, in the end, the subtle merge of the cold, simple and repetitive sounds of the machines, with the sensuality of the Aja Emma’s voice and lyrics..." (

"Olympia Plus “album” starts with their first single, “Soft Skin” which is dense, frightening and cold, with Aja Emma voice reminding us of Zola Jesus, in the chorus, before softening again. The tone is set. The repetitive, hypnotic and even danceable “Black Leather Gloves” then starts, letting Aja whisper about her feelings of pleasure wearing black leather gloves. You get the picture. This is dark again, but the darkness of underground night clubs, lined with velvet, silk and leather. When “Sleepwalking” starts, we’re still in the middle of the night, a slow disco starts, the voice of Aja Emma being soft and engaging again. A very cool electronic disco, obviously very far away from the sweat of Saturday Night Fever. And the beat goes on, with the pop tune of the aforementioned “Black Candy”, or with the early 80’s slow beat of “Heartbeat” that recalls early Human League stuff (with their cover of Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll) or with “Honey Honey” that starts like Kraftwerk until, again, Aja’s voice takes the control and tells us another story. “Honey Honey”, “Heartbeat” and “Breathless”, yes there are two human beings behind the machines, obviously..." (Read More:

Track List
(Stream their ep here)

A1     Soft Skin    
A2     Black Leather Gloves    
A3     Sleepwalking    
A4     The Cries    
A5     Honey Honey    
A6     Black Candy    
B1     Black Leather Gloves    
B2     Breathless    
B3     Heartbeat    
B4     Soft Skin    
B5     Honey Honey    
B6     Sleepwalking  

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