Cosmonauts - Persona Non Grata

Cosmonauts - Persona Non Grata
Cosmonauts - Persona Non Grata
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Burger Records (BRGR497LP)
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Release Date: 08/2013
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“...The vocals are flat, affectless, pushed back inside a storm of minor-key, repetitive guitar figures that beat around on the inside of your head. There’s an element of insanity, or maybe of sociopathy. Also, it’s really good rock music...." (

"...Opening with the relatively upbeat “Shaker”, Cosmonauts seem to differ vastly from their previous image of scrambled and fuzzy lo-fi psych, yet somehow I find this sound both suiting and awfully interesting. The duality of their songs seem to shine through the much clearer production, and through the echoing and hardly distorted riff and the enigmatic vocal work it seems to become increasingly evident that these guys are in fact very close to a relatively unique and easily identifiable sound. Moving on to the delightfully simplistic and incredibly fuzzy track “Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon”, the aggressive side of Cosmonauts start to take shape on this album, effectively sending the listener through a downwards going spiral heading straight for a bad trip – or so it would seem, as the track gradually involves into an eastern flavored psych-pop track where the crunchy sound is abundant and the inspirations from the 60’s are clearer than ever.." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Shaker        
A2 Sweet Talk       
A3 Wear Your Hair Like A Weapon        
A4 My Alba        
A5 What Me Worry?        

B1 Pure Posture        
B2 I'm So Bored With You        
B3 Vanilla        
B4 Dirty Harry        
B5 Summertime Blue  

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