The Brian Jonestown Massacre - And This Is Our Music (2xLP)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - And This Is Our Music (2xLP)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - And This Is Our Music (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): A Records (AUK014LP)
Special Attributes: Heavy weight vinyls on gatefold cover
Release Date: 2013
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“...Like a '60s 'happening', it's not what actually occurs that matters, it's the experience itself, the fact of one being part of something greater than one's self & so it is here with And This Is Our Music." (

"..Over the length of its fifteen tracks, ...And This Is Our Music is an album that’ll take you on a trip, literally. It supports casual listening, sure – when was the last time you heard a psychedelic album that didn’t make great, spongy background sounds – but to get the most out of this disc you’ll need to give it your attention. Listen to it in total. Try to decipher the clues in the liner notes. Sort of like a musical Where’s Waldo?, the album veers all over the shop, a riff-and-feel-driven game of Scotland Yard..."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 Introesque         
A2 Starcleaner         
A3 Here To Go         
A4 When Jokers Attack

B1 Prozac Vs. Heroin         
B2 Geezers         
B3 Maryanne     
C1 You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up         
C2 Here It Comes         
C3 What Did You Say?         
C4 Prozac Vs. Heroin Revisited
D1 A New Low In Getting High         
D2 Some Things Go Without Saying         
D3 Tscusse         
D4 The Pregnancy Test         
D5 The Right Way

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