No Joy - Wait To Pleasure

No Joy - Wait To Pleasure
No Joy - Wait To Pleasure No Joy - Wait To Pleasure
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Mexican Summer (MEX148)
Special Attributes: Limited 1st Edition, Gatefold cover
Release Date: 04/2013
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“...Most of the songs on Wait to Pleasure are short and sweet, and the album as a whole will leave you hitting the replay button repeatedly. This is music for drowsing in the sun, and for getting a summertime party started. It has energy and intimacy. It is dark and happy simultaneously..." (

"...The easiest way to understand the difference between Wait to Pleasure and its predecessor is to think about the tactile difference between heat and humidity. Whereas the latter was sticky, immersive and overwhelming, Wait to Pleasure offers 11 distinct, tactile sensations that are often diametrically opposed yet placed consecutively; opener “E” slowly boils over after five minutes of glam rock stomp, while the slo-mo pop of “Hare Tarot Lies” calmly lazes in unseasonal warmth. The breakneck pace of “Lizard Kids” leaves the scent of burnt rubber on desert highway after the white hot sensuality of “Blue Neck Riviera”’s dirty electroclash. “Ignored Pets” sizzles, “Pleasure” soothes. It’s a cohesion based on interaction rather than similarity, maintaining a flow that displays No Joy’s subtly expansive range and adds a cumulative, positive effect to already strong individual components..."  (Read more:

Track List

A1 E        
A2 Hare Tarot Lies        
A3 Prodigy        
A4 Slug Night        
A5 Blue Neck Riviera        

B1 Lizard Kids        
B2 Lunar Phobia        
B3 Wrack Attack        
B4 Ignored Pets        
B5 Pleasure        
B6 Uhu Yuoi Yoi  

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