Wipers - The Herd

Wipers - The Herd
Wipers - The Herd
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Jackpot Records (JPR82806)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition, Remastered from the original mastertapes
Release Date: 2011
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“...The Herd is a battering experience, a harsh, power-driven, insane wonder-record that compares well with the book/film On the Beach for its combination of intelligent sci-fi alarm and the raw, mainlined savageness of the music that reflects it..." (

"...The impact of the early Wipers records on the musical scene of the 1990’s cannot be overemphasized. The majority of popular music was steeped in their influence, leaving the Wipers in the unenviable position of attempting to find solid footing in the landscape they had forged. After 1993’s slow, haunting and introspective Silver Sail, Sage and crew returned to the classic Wipers sound with The Herd. Originally issued in 1996 on Tim/Kerr (and nearly impossible to find on vinyl for over a decade) the album is fast, fuzzy and moody. Drenched in rocket-fuel guitar tones, the paranoid beauty that spilled forth from the early recordings resonates on blasts such as “Green Light Legion” and “No Safe Place”. On The Herd’s slower pieces, such as “Wind The Clock Slowly”, Sage’s urgent and virtuosic leads peel away at the psyche leaving only underlying and once hidden truths. Even as the most successful bands of the time were raking in mountains of money ripping off the Wipers, Sage and his band were crafting something new, unexpected and powerful. Something that evokes such musical excitement that it borders on panic. 17 years and 10 studio albums later, that feeling so prevalent on the first record is masterfully woven into the very fabric of The Herd."  (Jackpot Records)

Track List

A1 Psychic Vampire        
A2 No Place Safe        
A3 Last Chance        
A4 Wind The Clock Slowly        
A5 The Herd        
A6 Green Light Legion        

B1 Stormy        
B2 Sinking As A Stone        
B3 Sunrise        
B4 Defiant        
B5 Resist        
B6 Insane 

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