The Sufis - Inventions

The Sufis - Inventions
The Sufis - Inventions
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Ample Play (AMPLALP066)
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Release Date: 08/2013
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“...These two Nashville natives still sound like they've been both temporally and geographically displaced with the vast majority of these tunes sounding like Syd Barrett has hijacked the good ship "Revolver" with a few Kink(s)y baroque harpsichord flourishes for extremely good measure..."(active-listener.blogspot)

"...TThe winning combination on offer here is adept songwriting -- concise (under three minutes) psychedelic pop songs that vary between languid. summery, poppy and urgent -- and inch perfect performances.  The vocals are good and match the genre well.  Admittedly, there is noting new about gently twisted tales accompanied by trippy vocals, 12 string guitars and some less common percussion.  But for me, the familiarity of the approach is a large part of the charm when, and this is key, it is done well.  Frankly, the only frustration in evaluating this record for the blog is that it is difficult to choose tracks.  They are all good, all have their unique touches.  I've chosen "Alone" as the representative of the more relaxed songs, and "No Expression" as an example of the energetic, rocking approach.  And between them I've include the "Most Peculiar Happening Cat", which may have you wondering if Ray Davies is guesting on the album. If you like psychedelic music, The Sufis may be your new favorite band.  (Read more: http://whenyoumotoraway.blogspot)

Track List 

A1 All Of The Time        
A2 Most Peculiar Happening Cat        
A3 She Said To Me        
A4 I'll Come To See You        
A5 Turn Around        
A6 The End        

B1 Alone        
B2 No Expression        
B3 Gotta Get Away        
B4 Wallflower        
B5 Nothing More To Say        
B6 Washed Away 

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