Man...Or Astro-Man? - Defcon 5..4..3..2..1

Man...Or Astro-Man? - Defcon 5..4..3..2..1
Man...Or Astro-Man? - Defcon 5..4..3..2..1
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Chunklet Magazine (CHKLP010)
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Release Date: 06/2013
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"Defcon 5…4…3…2…1", is here to make us happy with a sound that places rock music to the right level! So, don't needed so many words for the description. An amazing album

"’s 2013 and the band are finally back in the saddle with Defcon 5…4…3…2…1. The experimental noises of Spectrum of Infinite Scale have been trimmed back considerably and the lean, mean crunch of 1999’s EEVIAC (Embedded Electronic Variably Integrated Astro Console) has become leaner and meaner. It’s a startlingly assured album from a band that has little to prove anymore. But if anyone was ever turned off by Man Or Astro-Man?‘s obsession with and use of science fiction kitsch will be pleased to learn that Defcon 5…4…3…2…1 is a very musical album – all 35-plus minutes of it..." (Read more:

Track List

A12 Defcon 5        
A11 Antimatter Man        
A10 All Systems To Go        
A9 Disintegrate       
A8 Defcon 4        
A7 Codebreaker Seventy Eight        

B6 Communication Breakdown Pt. II        
B5 Defcon 3        
B4 Electric Arc        
B3 Defcon 2        
B2 New Cocoon        
B1 Defcon 1

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