Moonrises - Frozen Altars

Moonrises - Frozen Altars
Moonrises - Frozen Altars Moonrises - Frozen Altars
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Captcha Records (HBSP-2X-038)
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Release Date: 2013
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“...the newest addition to Chicago’s vibrant psych scene, and they take you way beyond your average wanna-be psych band…some of the best psych music you will hear, yep (Moonrises) will pretty much amaze you.” (Tiny Mix Tapes)

“...Maybe it’s the centered, stoic organ that makes Moonrises interstellar imagination so organic. Maybe it’s the superb, evocative vocals, or the band’s overall commitment to creating a soundscape that’s both comfortable and compelling, whether hurtling past the most distant star or sitting motionless, reflecting on the stillness. Whatever the case, we highly recommend you spend some time before these “Frozen Altars.”..!" (Read More:

Track List (Stream the album in Full here)

A1 Oak Arena        
A2 Lorelei's Grasp        
A3 The Ivy Maze        
A4 Radiation        

B1 Eyelid Chamber        
B2 Hungry Ghosts        
B3 Vanya        
B4 Isle Of Proteus 

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