Loop - Heaven's End

Loop - Heaven's End
Loop - Heaven's End
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Reactor (REACTOR1LP)
Special Attributes: 25th Anniversary 2012 reissue
Release Date: 2012
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"..Though Heaven's End demonstrates a crystal clear indebtedness to Detroit's high-energy mayhem of the late ‘60s, it's actually the gunmetal gray sound of the Stooges and MC5 filtered through decades of urban decay." (

“...Heaven’s End found their aesthetic solidly in place from the guitar murk and whammied riffs piling up at the beginning of the opening “Soundhead”. The multi-part “Straight to Your Heart” (heavy, grinding slabs sandwiched around a floating midsection) nails the emotional tone of much of Loop’s material well; the titular sentiment is neither hostile nor menacing, but something about the timbre of Hampson’s voice and the vagueness of the sentiment becomes both over the course of the song. Meanwhile, the brief “Head On” manages to be both heavier and faster than the Jesus and Mary Chain song of the same name from a few years later. The title track here is the only actual instrumental on the band’s three albums, but it plays just like the rest of Loop’s songs; like them, “Heaven’s End” doesn’t follow a verse/chorus/verse structure so much as just layer on riffs, patterns, well, loops until a pleasingly thick miasma is achieved. If Hampson’s vocals were more prominent, Loop might be some sort of avant garde garage band; if they were softer or the songs had more a pop or even rock structure they might be a shoegaze band. As it is, even on their debut they’re out in the middle of territory somewhere out past both of those types." (Read More:

Track List (Listen the album in Full)

A1 Soundhead        
A2 Straight To Your Heart        
A3 Forever        
A4 Heaven's End        

B1 Too Real To Feel        
B2 Fix To Fall        
B3 Head On        
B4 Carry Me 

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