Soulsavers - The Light The Dead See

Soulsavers - The Light The Dead See
Soulsavers - The Light The Dead See Soulsavers - The Light The Dead See
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): V2 (VVR797363)
Special Attributes: Includes the cd of the album
Release Date: 2012
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"...he Light the Dead See achieves a result all too hard to pull off — it is theatrical without feeling like an act, saturated with atmosphere without being swamped in it." (

"There are some gorgeous highlights here that capture the listener's attention at a first listen. For example, first single "Longest Day" finds the band at their preachiest moment: starting with a simple piano line and some bowed strings, Gahan's sensual voice grows and is joined by a gospel choir creating an angelic atmosphere to his own confessions. Everything is simple but very effective, ending up as one of the best tracks in the band's catalogue. Same way goes for "Take Me Back Home", a wonderful ballad, where Dave mourns over a long lost love singing "Where all my stumbling misses/And all your wonderful kisses/That's where I want to be/That's just me". The humming voices backing him up and the Hammond organ make this song feel like it has been sung from inside a church. These songs and pretty much all the album as a whole feels as an honest, naked confession" (Read More:

Track List

Side A
1. La Ribera
2. In The Morning
3. Longest Day
4. Presence of God
5. Just Try
6. Gone Too Far

Side B
7. Point Sur Pt.1
8. Take Me Back Home
9. Bitterman
10. I Can t Stay
11. Take
12. Tonight  

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