Lost Sounds - Lost Lost (Plus 7")

Lost Sounds - Lost Lost (Plus 7")
Lost Sounds - Lost Lost (Plus 7")
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Goner (84GONE)
Special Attributes: 150g Vinyl plus 7" & download code
Release Date: 2012
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"...Lost Lost gives the impression of a new band struggling to capture inspiration on tape-- to secure a sound, an identity, a mission. If they sounded almost cocksure on their albums, behind the scenes they had their hands everywhere, grabbing at various genres and suturing them together hastily and sometimes violently..." (

"..With a pedigree that includes some of the most raucous noise outfits to emerge from the Memphis scene, the Lost Sounds avoid the traps of by-the-numbers punk or southern-flavored garage rock and instead offer up a sound that is more akin to savage disco. That being said, their adventurous sonic attack is bold and sometimes abrasive. Ample melodies are buried in the din for anyone brave enough to sift through the noise to find them. A danceable disaster, the band's chaotic post-apocalyptic new wave sound explodes from the speakers with a fuzzed-out fury that borders on collapse. Hard to categorize, the sound is something akin to Devo, Liars, Rocket from the Tombs, and the Pixies duking it out to decide who's crazier. Obnoxiously fun, the band is a likely bit of an acquired taste for most. " (Read More:

Track List

A1 A Foreign Play         
A2 Black Coats / Whitefear         
A3 I Cannot Lie         
A4 Frankenstein Twist         
A5 No Count         
A6 Throw Away        
A7 No One Killer         

B1 No Genetic Engineer         
B2 I Didn't Mean To Lose You         
B3 Sound         
B4 Fighting The Flesh         
B5 Sound         
B6 Read A Requiem Mass 4 Me         
B7 Sound         
B8 Glued To The Screen         
B9 Total Destruction         

A1 Die Alone (Promise Me)         
A2 Wanna Be Used         
B1 I Get Nervous         
B2 Look At Me

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